Chairman's Message

Starting the struggle of life at a very early stage, I have traversed the tough road to success through myriad experiences and experiments. In the quest for success, I ventured into many enterprises, some of which met with huge success while others were moderate. Through these enterprises, I have come across thousands of people, a few successful and still rising on the path of success, and others merely dragging on with their lives. In my interactions with them, I found that the biggest lagging was in the basic education. While people went through their education merely passing exams for degrees, they lacked in the basic skills of effective communication, arithmetic and over all personality development.

Choosing the right school for a child is a very critical decision for every parent because on it depends the future of the child. We at Madhusthali Vidyapeeth equip our students with the resources to make the right choices in a world where knowledge expands in gigantic proportions. Our strong academic thrust, embedded in universal values, empowers our students to become winners from the very outset. My aim is to provide an ambience to students that foster leadership and accountability.

Mr S S Kejriwal