International School Award 2018-21

The ISA project infused a thrill and excitement into the classroom teaching. The gamut of interdisciplinary activities shared with the teachers and the students of the partner schools added a global perspective not only to those activities but attitudes were transformed for life! ISA turned out to be a celebration of life and knowledge, a celebration which touched and transformed everyone, enriching the Teaching–Learning process.

The ISA has proved to be a journey of discovering ourselves, over reaching our capabilities and setting newer benchmarks. Competition and awards entail innovation and endeavor no doubt, but it was not expected to be so enlightening and enjoyable, this was beyond imagination! The students and the teachers relentlessly worked on the ISA projects, working well beyond stipulated hours, with great teamwork and camaraderie.

The ISA experience has imparted a critical and analytical approach towards self-evaluation. A broader mind-set in working with interdisciplinary fields and using effective assessment tools, are added bonus, of this project. The day we received an intimation regarding the ISA activities to be conducted in our school for British Council, one of the world’s most renowned organizations we became excited as well as little apprehensive whether we would be able to accomplish the task successfully or not, but the genuine interest and thrill of every successfully completed activity spurred us on.

ISA essentially is based on the lines of curriculum-based international work, which in true sense, helps throughout the world in adopting the best practices which in turn helps in enriching education and, at the same time, preparing students to work in a global society. Activities like celebrating international days, festivals, cuisines gave a wide range of opportunities to our students to broaden their exposure and instill a multicultural understanding. It helped us in developing a growing awareness, respecting differences and developing tolerance for other religions and cultures. 

It was a great podium for special school to work with other schools internationally like Ghana, USA, Brazil, Kenya and Egypt and also it has helped us to make other Institutes and Schools know about our organization and special needs individuals. ISA has developed the high confidence, enthusiasm, creativity and digital literacy in our staff and students.

The ecstasy of receiving the ISA award consecutively for the second time in a row is worth cherishing! It’s a pleasure to see our success proclaimed wherever we use our name with the International School Award 2018-21. This really makes us feel privileged.

Such has been the impact of these activities on our students and teachers that they have learnt to think ‘beyond boundaries’. We resolve to continue our endeavors in developing global values and spreading the message of peace, solidarity and harmony. With ISA we have embarked of the journey towards attaining global citizenship.

Thus an overwhelming response and appreciation from our Management, whole hearted support and guidance rendered by our honorable Principal helped us to accomplish the task.